By default, Greenfolder does not allow overlapping reservations on any resource or "bookable". Situations like aircraft maintenance and manager overrides require some special handling of overlapping calendar events. Managers are given the ability to override the default double-booking restriction, and create overlapping calendar events. Here's how...

Overriding the Reservation Validation

Administrator or Manager privilege is required.

  1. Create and submit a new reservation with start and ending times that overlap an existing reservation.
  2. Greenfolder will show a red validation box with an Override and Submit button. booking override prompt
  3. Click the Override and Submit button to save the reservation.

When One Reservation Completely Blocks Another

The main calendar view will show an exlamation point next to the reservation that overlaps an underlying reservation. Click the reservation to view the drop down menu and see details about the reservation that was blocked.
overlap menu

When One Reservation Partially Blocks Another

When one reservation partially blocks another reservation, the unblocked portion of the partially blocked reservation will be visible on the calendar view. The reservation with the earlier start time will be given the priority and displayed on top of the partially blocked reservation.
partially blocked reservation

When a Reservation Overrides a Free/Busy Setting

If a reservation is placed on top of a busy event, the reservation is given priority.
reservation overlaps busy time

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