Greenfolder provides two convenience features for Google/Gmail account users.
1. Login quickly using your Google sign on.
2. Push reservations to your Google Calendar.

Step 1: Configuring Your Account

  1. Inside Greenfolder, edit your profile by clicking My Profile, then Edit near the top of your profile screen.
  2. Scroll down to the Google Calendar Integration section, and enter your Google ID. google calendar settings

This will enable both the Log in with your Google Account feature and the Google Calendar integration.

Step 2: Quick Login Using Your Google Account

  1. From the Sign In page, click the Log in with your Google Account button. google login
  2. You will be prompted for your Google credentials if your browser is not already logged in to Google.
  3. If you are already logged in to Google, you will receive a notification to allow Greenfolder offline access to your Google account.

google permissions

Clicking Accept will tell Google to allow Greenfolder to push calendar events to your Google account, even when you are offline.

Google Calendar Integration

After you have logged into Greenfolder using the Google option, your reservations will automatically be pushed to your Google calendar.

Troubleshooting: No Calendar Events

If your reservations are not showing up on your Google Calendar, your access grant may have expired.

  1. Log out of Greenfolder.
  2. Log back in to Greenfolder using the Log in with your Google Account button. This will renew the access grant that Google requires in order to receive Greenfolder event pushes.

Administration / Master Calendars

Clients may be configured to receive all calendar events to their Google calendar. The client must be configured properly using steps 1 and 2 outlined previously in this article. This feature relies on Greenfolder's Client Tagging System.

To configure Greenfolder for master calendars, create a tag that you can remember. In this example, we are going to use the google master tag.

Step 1. Add the master_google_calendar_tag to the settings.

  1. Click Server Settings from the Administration menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Notifier Settings group and click the [+] to add a new setting.
  3. Create the master_google_calendar_tag key, and set the value to google master.

create the master google calendar setting

Step 2. Tag Clients

  1. Browse to a client that you wish to receive all calendar reservation events.
  2. Add the google master tag to their account.

add google master tag to client


All clients that are tagged with the google master tag will receive all reservation events to their Google Calendar.

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