Chronos' Reminder system allows you to configure any maintenance event or reminder relevant to your operations. You may configure standard aviation events like: Annuals, 100hrs, oil changes, 91.411/91.413 inspections, or any custom event like: 250hr carpet cleaning, 3 month wash and wax.

Viewing the Fleet Status

  1. From the Chronos home page, click the Fleet Status link.

    operational reminders listing

The reminders for all resources are shown and color coded based on their status.

Creating a Reminder

Reminders may be created on bookables that have Components. For this reason, you can only create reminders from the Bookable details page. Click a bookable identifier to browse to the bookable details page and locate the Components section.

bookable components

  1. Click Create a New Reminder to create a new reminder for the component.

Reminders may be configured to follow the indicated time or the total time of the component.

Configure the settings for the new reminder.

setting description
Name Name the reminder, e.g. 250hr wash and wax
Description Enter a longer description for the reminder.
Information URL Add an internet link to more information about the reminder. (Great for ADs)
Blocks Checkouts When enabled, checkouts will be blocked when the reminder is overdue.
Blocks Bookings When enabled, new reservations will be blocked when the reminder is overdue.
Date Based Enable for date based reminders, e.g. every 12 months
Time Based Enable for timer based reminders, e.g. every 100hrs
Last Completed Date The date of the last compliance.
Interval (months) The number of months in the interval.
Interval (days) The number of days in the interval.
End of month Enable for reminders that expire on calendar month boundaries, like annual inspections.
Last Completed (timer alias) The time of the last completion.
Interval (timer alias) The time interval (e.g. 100hrs)
Follows total time Enable if the last completed time is entered in total time. Disable if the last completed time is entered in indicated time.
Notification Window The number of days before the reminder is due when the reminder will be displayed on the Greenfolder home page and calendar.
Red Below The percentage of life remaining when the reminder is displayed with a red alert color.
Yellow Below The percentage of life remaining when the reminder is displayed with a yellow caution color.
Permanently Complied With Enabled for events that do not recur, and that are permanently complied with.
Private Private reminders will be displayed to administrators, and hidden from clients.

Date Based Reminders

The Interval (days) and Interval (months) fields are added together to compute the reminder due date. You may set either or both fields. The following table shows some examples of date based reminders.

last complied date interval due date
30 January 2015 1 month, 10 days 10 March 2015
1 March 2015 1 month 1 April 2015

For monthly intervals, when the Date of Last Compliance occurs at the end of a month that has more days than the following month for example January 30, adding one month to the date will select February 28. One month following February 28 is March 28.


Chronos learns the usage rate for your resources and uses that rate to predict when maintenance reminders are coming due. If your operations are fairly steady, the prediction will be very accurate.
reminder prediction

Reminders that are predicted to be due within the Notification Window setting will be displayed on the home page and calendar.

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