Quantum MX supports the following image file formats for your Company logo: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, PDF

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Images

We recommend that you upload your company logo in the SVG format if possible. Vector images render beautifully at any zoom level on any device so your logo will be sharp and crisp on any screen resolution.

Quantum MX PDF generation engine also allows SVG images to be rendered as your company logo on logbook entries or other documents, so your logo will always look its best.

If your company logo is in a raster format (JPG, GIF, PNG) and you do not have the ability to create a vector version of your logo, contact support@flyonlinetools.com for a quote.

Our graphics team can convert your logo to SVG which will scale perfectly to any resoultion or print size.

"Why am I getting a black box on my PDF logbook entries instead of my logo?"

SVG images that do not have an integer width and height will cause the PDF reader to render a black box. If this is happening, resize your SVG logo to have an integer width and height.

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