Exporting sales transactions is the primary method that you will use to export accounting data from Chronos to Quickbooks Online. Chronos's Smart Accounting logic will help save you time by choosing the appropriate accounting method for your usage and payment transactions on the fly.

Read more about Smart Accounting with Chronos.

Exporting Sales Transactions

  1. Click Menu / Accounting / Quickbooks Online to browse to the Quickbooks Online integration area.
  2. If you are not already connected to Quickbooks Online, follow the connection procedure.
  3. After you have connected, click the Invoices and Sales Receipts link under the Export category.

export sales transactions link

Chronos will scan all usage and payment records and display the open transactions for each client.

If you have been using Chronos for a long time, you will have a large backlog of open transactions. You will be given the option to ignore historical transactions that have already been accounted for in Quickbooks.

The Open Sales Transactions Screen

open sales transactions

Transactions are automatically bundled into Sales Receipts or Invoices when payments are recorded on the client accounts. Read more about Smart Accounting

Exporting an Accounting Document

  1. Click the Quickbooks Export button to export the item to Quickbooks.
  2. A process will be activated which will connect to Quickbooks Online and perform the export. Quickbooks Online servers are very slow; please be patient.

    exporting to quickbooks progress

  3. After exporting many sales receipts, you may refresh the screen to recalculate the number of open transactions.

Viewing Quickbooks Documents

If the export has successfully completed, click the View PDF link to review a PDF copy of the Quickbooks document.

view the quickbooks invoice version

Tracing Associations

Chronos Usage Logs and Payments that have been exported to Quickbooks Online will remain in the Reconciled Documents area and may be recalled. Click View Reconciled Documents to review them.


Viewing Historical Invoices / Sales Receipts

Chronos will display the Quickbooks icon with the Quickbooks document ID. Click this link to download the document from Quickbooks. The Quickbooks PDF will open in a separate browser tab.

view qbo reconciled invoice

Clearing Association (Un-Bundle)

Click Un-Bundle to delete the bundled document from Chronos.

NOTE: the related Quickbooks document will NOT be deleted. TIP: Prior to Un-bundling transactions in Chronos, make sure you delete the associated Quickbooks Invoice, Payment, or Sales Receipts, otherwise dupliates may be created.

After un-bundling, the transactions may be bundled again. See Accounting Reconciliation Workflow.

Exporting All Transactions on the Page

The Export All Transactions on the Page button allows you to export all transactions on the page instead of clicking to export each bundle separately. Before clicking this button, review the transaction bundles on the page to make sure they are accurate.

CAUTION: Quickbooks servers are extremely slow. After clicking the Export All Transactions on the Page button, please pause and watch the screen for completion status or failure messages.

Exporting All Transactions for a Specific Client

The Export All Transactions On This Page feature may be used to export all un-reconciled accounting documents. Click this option only after reviewing the transactions for accuracy.

export all transactions to Quickbooks

Overwriting Existing Quickbooks Documents

The Export feature may be used to update existing Quickbooks documents. When a matching Quickbooks Invoice, Sales Receipt or Payment record exists, the Export action will update the existing document.

updating quickbooks documents

WARNING: exporting over existing Quickbooks documents will change the Quickbooks document permanently, overwriting the existing Quickbooks document, possibly changing the amount of the Invoice, Sales Receipt or Payment records.


The success of the Export to Quickbooks operation is dependent upon the mapping of Customers and Bookable Resources to their respective Quickbooks items. When Quickbooks cannot accept an invoice or sales receipt due to a mapping issue, errors may result.

Invoice or Sales Receipt Already Exists

Chronos will OVERWRITE existing invoices or sales receipts. This happens only when the Export function is triggered on an already reconciled document.

overwriting QBO documents

Customer Does Not Exist

qbo customer does not exist
Make sure all customers are synchronized with Quickbooks Online. Read more about synchronizing customers here.

Other Errors

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