Orders in Quantum MX contain a shopping cart listing of parts to be ordered. Orders may be exported as Purchase Orders in Quickbooks Online.

Export an Existing Order

  1. Browse to the order in Quantum MX. Open orders can be found underneath the shopping cart icon on the main menu bar. shopping cart icon
  2. If you are already connected to Quickbooks Online, the Export Purchase Order link will be available on the order screen. Click the Purchase Order link. qbo purchase order link
  3. The Purchase Order Audit screen will be shown. Quantum MX scans Quickbooks Online to verify the existence of all Parts, Customers and Vendors. In this example, the "Aircraft Spruce" vendor was not found in Quickbooks. qbo purchase order audit
  4. Add the missing Vendor, Customer, or Parts to Quickbooks Online, then refresh the screen to perform the audit again.

  5. The Vendor selection will contain a drop down listing of vendors pulled from Quickbooks Online. In this example, the vendor listing was pulled from a Quickbooks Developer Sandbox Account.

    qbo vendor listing

  6. Refresh the page after making changes to ensure that you have a clean audit.

    qbo order clean audit

  7. Export the Purchase Order to Quickbooks. The progress of the export and any error messages will be displayed.

    qbo order export complete

Miscellaneous Items

Quantum MX allows miscellaneous items to be added to purchase orders. Quickbooks Online is more restrictive, and requires that all purchase order items have a matching Product/Service entry in the Quickbooks Database.

Quantum MX will detect miscellaneous items that do not exist in the Quickbooks Products/Services listing and help you resolve the mismatch.

po misc item audit

The audit results include a listing of available Quickbooks Product/Service items to help you identify a replacement.

Quickbooks will not accept the Purchase Order until every item matches up with a Quickbooks Product/Service item.

Resolving Missing Miscellaneous Items

Use one of the following methods to resolve the missing item so that Quickbooks will accept the purchase order from Quantum MX.
1. Map the QMX item to a QBO item.

qmx to qbo misc item mapping

  1. Change the Miscellaneous item name to match one of the existing Quickbooks Product/Service items. (Selection of the Quickbooks Item is not required for matching names.)
  2. Add the Miscellaneous item to Quickbooks Online, then re-try exporting the Purchase Order from Quantum MX.

TIP: The Quickbooks Item matching allows you to create custom miscellaneous items in Quantum MX that provide detail to customers (e.g. Shipping for Gyro Overhaul), while mapping them to a single product/service item in Quickbooks (e.g. Shipping).

Status Flags

If an Order has been exported to Quickbooks successfully, the exported status flag will be enabled. Mouse over the status flag to view the status of the export.

order qbo status

  • Click the status flag to remove the exported status.
  • Click the status flag to manually set the exported status.

The exported status is also shown in the Orders listing.

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