Endorsement types may be configured with a signature required setting. When enabled, the endorsement will only be valid when it is signed by an authorized user. See Endorsement Types for information about how to configure the endorsement validity rules.

Can I Sign?

If the endorsement type does not have the restricted permission setting enabled, the signature feature will be available for clients to self-sign the endorsement. When the restricted permission setting is enabled, the signing features will be restricted to authorized users. If the endorsement requires a document attachment, the signature feature will be disabled if the document attachment requirement is not satisfied.

The Endorsement Type settings control access to the endorsement signing feature.
signature permissions for endorsements

Chronos allows more than one signature to be applied to endorsements. Signing features will be available even if the endorsement is already signed.

Signing New Endorsements

When adding a signature required endorsement type, the user's signature will be prompted on the new endorsement form.


Signature required endorsements may be saved without the signature by clicking the Skip option. This work flow allows administrators to log endorsements on the client's account to be signed later by an authorized person. Signature required endorsements that are saved with missing signatures will be invalid and shown with an appropriate error message.


Click the Signature is required error message to sign the endorsement.

The signing permission is controlled by the Requires Authorization setting. When the Requires Authorization setting is enabled, only authorized admin/manager/instructor users will be permitted to certify the endorsement with a digital signature. When the Requires Authorization setting is disabled, clients will be able to self-sign the endorsement.

Auditing or Deleting Endorsement Signatures

Signatures will be logged with the endorsement and may be deleted by an administrator. Click the endorsement and Signatures tab to view and control the signatures.


Endorsement Security

Endorsements that are certified with a signature may not be edited or deleted. To edit or delete the endorsement, authorized users may delete the associated signature to permit access to the endorsement. The endorsement may be re-signed after editing.

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