Endorsements can be used in two ways.
1. Record Keeping
2. Policy Enforcement

Configure Bookable Policy Enforcement Settings

There is a setting at the bookable resource level that controls whether or not the endorsement policies will be validated during the reservation process. In order to use endorsements for policy control, this setting must be checked.
1. Edit the bookable resource.
2. Click the Policies tab.
3. Check the Validate Endorsements setting.
4. Save the bookable.

validate endorsements setting

To create an endorsement, you must first define some endorsement types.

Create an Endorsement Type

  1. Browse to the Administration menu panel.
  2. Click Endorsement Types
  3. Click New Endorsement Type
  4. Complete the form and save the endorsement.

The following fields control special features for the endorsement type.

setting description
Require Image Requires a document attachment.
Require auth Requires a signature by an authorized admin. When this setting is enabled, clients will not be able to self-endorse.
Expires Requires an expiration date.
Expires Based on Usage Requires a recent usage within the usage limit.
Usage Limit The number of days required for a usage before the endorsement expires.

TIP: Set the require auth setting for endorsements that require an admin or flight instructor to provide the endorsement (e.g. SR22 Checkout). Clear the require auth setting for endorsements that clients can provide themselves(e.g. Rental Agreement)

Restrict Access to Bookable Resources

The Endorsement Type may be used to create a policy restriction at the Bookable resource level.

1. Click Menu -> Bookables -> Bookables Listing
2. Browse to the bookable resource that you wish to restrict.
3. Click the Policy Control tab.
4. Click Configure to configure the endorsement requirements for the bookable resource.

bookable endorsement restriction

Create an Endorsement

Endorsements can be created from the main Endorsements screen, or from the Client profile page.

If Require Image is configured for an Endorsement Type, an attachment file will be required when new endorsements are created.

If Require auth is configured for an Endorsement Type, an administrator or manager will be required to create endorsements of this type. The Entered By field must be completed when new endorsements are created.

If Expires is configured for an Endorsement Type, the Expiration Date field must be completed when new endorsements are created.

Endorsements must be assigned to a client, and will be shown on the client profile page.

client endorsements

Only administrators and flight instructors will be able to edit or delete endorsements.

Expiring Endorsements

Endorsement Types that expire will require an expiration date to be entered when an endorsement is created for a client. The client will be notified in their profile if they have expired endorsements.

profile expired endorsement

WARNING: If the expiration requirement for an Endorsement Type is changed after endorsements have already been created that reference the Endorsement Type, the pre-existing endorsements will be set to expired.

Scenario: Signed Rental Agreement, Required for All Customers

A rental operator requires all customers to sign a rental agreement before being allowed to create reservations on any aircraft.

  1. Create a new endorsement type titled: Rental Agreement. The Requires Authorization means that only administrators or managers will be able to create endorsements for clients using this endorsement type.

    new rental agreement et

  2. Click Save, then assign the renter tag to the endorsement type configuration.

    NOTE: any tag or number of tags may be assigned to the Endorsement Type.

    adding an endorsement tag

    Clients tagged with the same tag as an Endorsement Type will be required to have a matching Endorsement or their access will be restricted.

  3. Assign the matching tag to existing clients. Edit a client profile and enter the tag.

    assign tag to client

  4. Configure Settings so that all new clients will automatically be assigned the renter tag.

    auto tag setting

  5. Finished! All new clients will receive the renter tag, which matches up with the renter tag that was assigned to the Endorsement Type. This will require all new clients to be given an Endorsement by an administrator or manager, verifying that they have signed the rental agreement.

Scenario 2: Usage Based Endorsement for Make/Model Checkout

  1. Create an Endorsement Type titled: Cirrus Currency
  2. Enable the Expires based on usage and Usage Limit settings when creating the endorsement type. Set the Usage Limit to 90 days.

cirrus endorsement

  1. Assign the endorsement to every Cirrus aircraft in the fleet.
    cirrus endorsement required

  2. Clients will now be required to have a recent usage on the Cirrus aircraft within 90 days from the current date, otherwise their endorsement will expire.

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