Users may edit existing time sheet entries in order to correct mistakes or make adjustments. Non-managers may edit their own recently created time sheet entries when the associated work entry is open. Only managers may edit time sheet entries of other users. Click the Edit button next to a timesheet entry to show the edit form.

edit timesheet form

The edit indication will be displayed when timesheet entries have been manually edited.
manually edited timesheet entry

Time Sheet Data Model

Time sheet entries may be created by clocking in/out or by manual entry. The Hours field is required and represents the duration for the time sheet in manhours.

Time Sheet Posting Dates

The official posting date of the time sheet is set automatically to the clock IN time stamp. If the time sheet is created manually without IN and OUT times, the posting date of the time sheet will be set to the time that the time sheet was created.

The posting date may be adjusted manually using the Edit Time Sheet function.

Clock In and Out Handling

If the time sheet was created by clocking in and out, the IN and OUT fields will hold the date and time of the clock in and clock out. The IN and OUT fields are optional when creating manual time sheet entries. If the IN and OUT times are provided, the Hours field value will be computed as the duration between the OUT and IN times. This computation happens automatically when the IN and OUT times are modified on the Edit Time Sheet form. The Hours field may be manually adjusted to override this behavior. This allows managers to adjust the hours billed/paid while retaining the actual clock in and out times.

Moving Time Sheets Across Work Entries

Manager Only: If a time sheet entry was mistakenly assigned to a work entry, it may be moved to another work entry on the same work order.

  1. Open a work order and locate the time sheet entry.

    moving timesheet ui

  2. Click Move and select the target work entry.
    moveing timesheet work entry selection

TIP: the Move feature is also accessible from the Timesheet listing view.

Moving Time Sheets from Overhead to Direct

Manager Only: Timesheets can be moved from OVERHEAD to a work order.
1. Locate the time sheet in the Timesheets listing.

1. Click the Move link.
1. Select a work order. After selecting the work order, there may be a delay as Quantum MX fetches information from the server.
1. Select the work entry that will receive the time.

move timesheet from overhead to direct
1. Click Save to save your changes.

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