Documentation of work performed in Quantum MX is controlled by the "Work Entry" object. Work Entries are contained within a discrepancy and document the corrective action work that was performed to address the discrepancy.

TIP: click "show # work entries" within a discrepancy to refresh the work entry listing for the discrepancy without refreshing the entire work order page.

Work in Progress: Adding Work

  1. Add work to your discrepancies using the Add Work feature.

    add work

TIP: use the Miscellaneous logbook type to capture incidental work items that should not appear in the formal logbook entries.

Selecting the Logbook Type

Select the correct logbook type where the work will be documented before clicking the Add Work button. The logbook entry may be changed after the work entry has been created by clicking Edit this Work Entry. The logbook entry setting is used by Quantum MX in the Generate Logbook Entries process.

Assign the parts used for the work.

  1. Open the Parts Kit at the top of the work order.
  2. Click the Work tab of the parts kit to show the work related features.
  3. Use the assign... link to assign the part to the work entry.

    assign part from parts kit

  4. In this example, we are adding the oil used and the oil filter to the same work entry.

A part may be assigned to only one work entry at a time. If the part is already assigned, you may remove the existing assignment, or reassign the part to a different work entry using step 2 above.

Completing Work Items

Work entries may be statused as complete. Statusing a work entry as complete will close the work entry to time keeping and other updates. Click Quick Complete to close a work entry as completed.
quick complete option for work entry

Completed work entries are depicted with a green status color.

completed work entries

Reopening Work Items

Completed work entries may be reopened by non-manager users only if the work entry has not received an inspector approval signature.

work entry reopen logic

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