Reservations may be dispatched using a check out / check in process. Reservations may be checked out from the primary calendar view, or from the reservation screen.

The checkout process:

checkout process

Checking out a Reservation

  1. Click on a reservation in the calendar view.
  2. Click Check Out

    check out popover

  3. Complete the New Checkout form and Save the checkout.

    new checkout form

After the checkout is saved, the checkout status will be shown anywhere the reservation is visible. A cloud icon is used to denote a reservation that is currently checked out.

checked out status on reservation

checked out status on calendar

Only one reservation may be checked out at a time on a given bookable.

duplicate checkout error

Viewing the Checkouts Listing

On the Operations menu, click Checkouts to view the checkout listing. Checkouts may be edited or deleted.

checkouts listing

Checking In

After returning from a flight, locate the reservation and click the Check IN link. The Check IN will be finalized, and your browser will automatically be redirected to a Log a Usage screen corresponding to the reservation.

checked out status on calendar

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