Quantum MX helps you keep track of the parts intended to resolve specific discrepancies. To achieve this, the discrepancy must be assigned when parts are added to a Work Order Parts Kit.

Assigning parts to discrepancies helps you keep track of the parts requests that feed the parts ordering, receiving and kitting processes. Assigning parts to work entries helps you keep track of the parts installed and removed, and allows Quantum MX to perform condition based maintenance analytics based on the frequency of parts occurrances.

This article describes the intended work flow for parts handling through the Work Order / Inspection and Repair process.

STEP 1. Create a new Work Order

STEP 2. Add Discrepancies to the Work Order

STEP 3. From the top level Work Order Parts Kit, Add Parts to the Parts Kit, assigning the discrepancy.

add parts with discrepancy

STEP 4. OR - Zoom in to a Discrepancy and Add or Assign Parts

discrepancy zoom

Adding Parts to a Discrepancy

Parts may be added to the parts kit and assigned to the discrepancy automatically using the Add Part feature.
add parts on discrepancy zoom

The discrepancy drop down is not shown when you are zoomed in on a discrepancy. Parts added will automatically be assigned to the zoomed in discrepancy.

Assigning Parts to a Discrepancy

Parts previously added to the work order parts kit, but not assigned to a discrepancy or work order will be available for assignment to the discrepancy. Use the Unassigned Parts feature to assign the part to the Discrepancy.

assign part to discrepancy

STEP 5. Perform Corrective Action Work and Assign Parts

As you perform work on the aircraft, assign parts installed or removed to the respective work entry. When parts are assigned to a work entry, Quantum MX will automatically include them when generating logbook entry statements. Assigned parts will also be included in condition based maintenance analytics and reports.

assign work entry

Removing Parts from a Discrepancy

Parts may be removed from a discrepancy and reassigned to another discrepancy. Removing the discrepancy link will not remove the part from the work order parts kit. After the discrepancy link is removed, the part will be available for re-assignment.

  1. Locate the part in the Parts Kit.
  2. Click the remove from this discrepancy link to remove the assignment.

remove from discrepancy link

If the part has been assigned to a work entry, the remove from discrepancy option will not be available. Use the remove option next to the work entry assignment as shown below.
remove from work entry link

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