FlyLMS uses a heirarchical data model.

Syllabus -> Lessons -> Elements -> Questions, Readings, Attachments


The syllabus is intended to represent the training program or class. E.g. Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Complex Endorsement, Biannual Flight Review


The lesson is intended to be a bundle of training topics. You may design lessons to represent a single training session, or you may choose to bundle multiple training sessions into a single lesson.

FlyLMS's completion management system allows you to track completions at the topic (element) level, so you may confidently bundle many training topics into your lessons knowing that it may require multiple ground and flight trainnig sessions to complete.


The element is intended to be an atomic training topic. E.g. Adverse Yaw, P-Factor, VOR Intercepting and Tracking, Holding...etc.

As you develop training content for FlyLMS, most of your work will be in developing high quality Elements with image and video content.

The FlyLMS completion system tracks student completions against the training elements.


Readings are references to textbook, PDF, or web based training material. Readings are assigned to Elements as required or optional reading.


FlyLMS allows you to upload image attachments which can be embedded in your training elements.


Questions are used for knowledge and oral test prep and are modeled as multiple choice questions.

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