Quantum MX allows you to import Aircraft, Customers, Parts, Inventory, and Vendors by providing a spreadsheet file in .xlsx, .ods, or .csv formats.

Use Excel (.xlsx) or Open Office Spreadsheet (.ods) files

In your spreadsheet application, save your spreadsheet file as an Excel .xlsx or Open Office Spreadsheet .ods file.

CSV files are also supported, but may cause issues with date formats.


ERROR Type 1: Unable to Open. The file is not supported.

csv open utf8 error

This error occurs when the file provided to Quantum MX is not a spreadsheet file, or if a file has character codes from an unsupported character set.

1. Make sure you are providing a spreadsheet file or CSV text file to Quantum MX.

1. Excel converts double-hyphens to a nonstandard character code. Replace all double-hyphen characters in your source file with a single hyphen.
1. Look for other odd characters like: – and search/replace them.

ERROR Type 2: QMX Processes the file, but shows a lot of mismatches.

  1. Remove all new-line/carriage return characters that exist inside individual cells in your Excel file.

ERROR Type 3: QMX Validation Errors

Validation errors are displayed line by line with a description of the error. Adjust your import data to correct the error and try your import again.
import validation errors

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