Work Order Customer Portal

Customers may view work orders using the customer portal. The portal opens access to view the work order using an encrypted token which contains an access key to a single work order. The customer portal is secure and firewalled, allowing access only to the specific work order.

Customer Portal Views:

  1. Work Authorization: customer approve/reject features without estimate information.
  2. Estimate: customer approve/reject features with estimate information.
  3. Progress Report: estimated labor hours vs. actual labor hours progress.
  4. Invoice

work order portal views

Click the associated button to send an email invitation to the customer. Or use the direct links to preview the customer portal view or copy/paste the direct link URL manually into a custom email.

Inviting the Customer to View an Estimate or Invoice Online

work order customer portal link

  1. On the work order status page, click the Send Email link.
  2. The Email Work Order page will be shown.

    email work order page

  3. Review the online ESTIMATE or INVOICE documents by clicking the appropriatte direct link.

    work order portal direct links

  4. When you are ready to notify the customer to review the document, click the Email Estimate or Email Invoice button. Quantum MX will prompt you for additional email text, and then email the customer, prompting them to review the online document.

Team managers will also receive a carbon copy of the email.

portal email invitation for work orders


The work order access key expires by default 48 hours after it is generated. You may override this setting on the Send Email form.


Only team managers are allowed to access the work order email feature.

Customer Approvals

Discrepancies may be marked with a customer approval status of Pending, Rejected, or Approved. Customers may approve or reject individual discrepancies using the Customer Approval controls in the right hand margin. Customers may also include special instructions or notes for the discrepancy.

customer approval via portal

  • Clicking the Approve button will set the customer approval status to approved.
  • Clicking the Reject button will set the customer approval status to rejected.
  • After an approval or rejection has been logged, a clear link is provided to allow the customer to clear the approval or rejection status.
  • The Comment button allows the customer to provide some remarks or other instructions to the shop for the discrepancy.

The customer approval status also shows near the discrepancy on the standard Work Order page.

customer approval on work order page

Formal Work Authorization

The Estimate level portal allows the customer to provide a digital signature to authorize work to be performed on the approved items.

estimate work authorization

Estimates: Communicating with the Customer

The customer may enter comments or questions regarding the discrepancy items on the customer portal estimate view.

customer portal commenting

NOTE: comments may only be deleted by a manager.

Technicians and managers may provide comments back to the customer from the Work Order view.

manager comment to customer

Printing Portal Estimates and Invoices

The customer may download a PDF view of estimates and invoices directly from the work order portal by clicking the Print link.

portal estimate print link

Printed Estimate Signature Features

A downloaded PDF estimate will include a signature block if there are discrepancy items pending approval.

pending discrepancies signature block on PDF

If a digital signature has been provided through the portal, it will be displayed on the downloaded PDF.

authorized signature on estimate PDF

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