Quantum MX can be configured to automatically apply parts and labor markups or discounts for individual customers. Commonly, parts are marked up using a percentage factor, and labor is discounted using a discrete dollar value. When Quantum MX computes the labor and parts costs for a Work Order, the customer's markup and discount settings will be used automatically.

Order of Precedence

Markups and discounts are computed for new items using the following order of precedence. Default values are specified at the team, part and customer levels. Once applied, the default markups for work order items may be modified specifically from within the work order parts kit or accounting settings.

parts markup orde rof precedence

  1. Team level: team settings are used by default.
  2. Customer level: customer settings are applied if present.
  3. Aircraft level: aircraft settings are applied if present.
  4. Parts level: part specific accounting override settings are applied if present.
  5. Work Order level: Labor rates and parts markups are stored in the work order settings and may be modified individually for each work order.
  6. Parts Kit item level: parts markups are stored in the item settings and may be set individually for each parts kit item.

Configure the Team

  1. Locate a team and click Edit to edit the team accounting settings.
  2. OR - edit the accounting settings inline on the team profile page.

team edit settings inline

Configure the Customer

  1. Locate a customer by clicking Settings, Customers.
  2. Click Edit to edit the customer.

    edit customer index

  3. Enter the desired parts markup percentage (e.g. 15%), and the desired labor discount in dollars per hour. Use a negative labor discount to create a labor markup.

  4. Click Update Customer to save the customer settings.

    edit customer discounts

Parts Markup in the Work Order

The customer's parts markup will be used as the default markup for all parts that are added to a work order for an aircraft that is owned by the customer. Once added, the part price and markup are stored in the work order and no longer depend on the customer settings. These settings may be modified using the work order Parts Kit.

parts kit markup settings

Or on the Audit / Profitability Metrics report...

parts kit markup settings on the profitability report

Labor Discount in the Work Order

The customer's labor discount will automatically be applied to the labor rate of the mechanic selected in the work order work entries. Customize the labor rate table by clicking the Settings in the upper-right area of the work order screen.
work order settings

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