Work orders are associated with an aircraft and a team.

Create the Work Order

  1. Browse to the Work Orders listing, or an Aircraft page.
  2. Click the New Work Order link.

  3. If more than one team is available, you will be prompted to select the team that will be assigned to the work order.

  4. Fill out the information required on the New Work Order form. You may leave the aircraft received and work completed dates empty, as they will be completed when you start and complete the work order.

    new work order

  5. Click Save. You will be taken to the work order page where all of the action happens.

TIP: The aircraft search box allows you to locate an aircraft by typing in part of the make, model, serial number, n-number, customer first or last name. Leave the customer field blank to use the default customer that is assigned to the aircraft.

Beginning Work - Adding Discrepancies

  1. Click the started check box to mark the work starting date.
  2. Inspect the aircraft, and enter discrepancies using the Add a Discrepancy feature.

    add a discrepancy

  3. Create as many discrepancies as you want using this technique.

Identify Parts Required

  1. Add the parts required for repair to your Parts Kit at the top of the Work Order.

add to parts kit

parts kit item detail

Documenting Corrective Action Work Performed

  1. Add work to your discrepancies using the Add Work feature.

    add work

Assign the parts used for the work.

  1. Open the Parts Kit at the top of the work order.
  2. Use the Add to Work Entry to assign the part to the work entry.

    assign part

  3. In this example, we are adding the oil used and the oil filter to the same work entry.

A part may be assigned to only one work entry at a time. If the part is already assigned, you may remove the existing assignment, or reassign the part to a different work entry using step 2 above.

Using the Outline

The Work Order Outline feature can help you build the work order documentation efficiently with a more simplified user interface than the detailed work order screen. Click the Outline option on the work order to access the outline.

work order outline link

Learn more about the Work Order Outline features here.

Zooming in to Discrepancies

You may zoom into a dedicated discrepancy page by clicking on the discrepancy entry title.

The Discrepancy view contains more detailed functionality specific to the discrepancy.

  • View parts that are allocated to the discrepancy.
  • Add parts to the discrepancy.
  • Set the discrepancy category.
  • View the discrepancy revision history.
  • Add file attachments to the discrepancy.

When viewing the discrepancy zoom page, click Back to Work Order to browse back to the top level work order.

discrepancy zoom

Add Notes

You may add generic shop notes to the work order using the Notes feature. The notes editor can be activated by clicking in-place.
work order notes

Markdown may be used to format the work order notes. Learn more about markdown by reading the Mastering Markdown guide (3 minute read).

Finishing Up: Logbook Entries

  1. Click the wizard wand icon next to the Logbook Entries header to automatically generate logbook entries for the work order.

    logbook entry wizard

  2. Review the logbook entries and make the necessary changes.

logbook entries example

  1. If you have paperwork associated with the logbook entry, you may scan it and drag/drop it into the logbook entry attachments section.

Printing Logbook Entries

  1. Click the printer icon next to the Logbook Entries header.

    logbook entries print

  2. Select the page size and click Print. A PDF will be generated and downloaded to your computer.

  3. Print the logbook entry on the paper of your choice, sign, and place the entry in the aircraft logbook.

finished logbook entry

Audit the Work Order Accounting

  1. On the work order screen, click Audit to view the audit report. The audit report highlights items that may affect the pricing of the work order.

    work order audit sample

  2. Click Profitability Metrics to view the profitability report for the work order. The Profitability Metrics report allows you to efficiently make adjustments to parts pricing and labor while previewing the invoice total.

    profitability metrics sample

Invoice the Work Order

Quantum MX includes various methods of delivering invoices to customers. Click Export / Invoice (PDF) to download a PDF invoice from Quantum MX for print or email. Other methods include:

Close the Work Order

  1. Click the Completed check box at the top of the work order.

Congratulations! You have completed your first work order. Please browse this HelpHub to learn more about advanced Work Order features, and our Quickbooks Online integration.

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