This article describes how to create custom tags using the document template system. See Part Condition Tags for the Quantum MX standard condition tag feature.


This guide will walk you through the process of generating custom condition tags for equipment that has been removed from an aircraft. Everything happens from within a Work Order, so before we begin, make sure you have a work order open and ready.

The work order heirarchy should look something like this: work order → remove equipment (discrepancy) → removed autopilot (work entry) → autopilot P/N, S/N (part)

When removing aircraft, mechanics will create the appropriate discrepancies and work entries to capture the work performed.

Learn more about creating your own form fill work entry templates here: Work Entry Document Templates

STEP 1: Download the green tag template and enter your company information.

Green Tag Work Entry Template

Save the file back to your computer in a location that you can remember.

STEP 2: Upload the template to your Quantum MX Team

  1. Click Settings, Teams, the click to show your team page.
  2. At the bottom of the team page, upload the work entry template document.

    upload work entry green tag

Step 3: Assign the removed parts to the work entry.

work entry removed parts

Make sure the removed option is selected because the document template will automatically filter only removed parts for tagging.

Step 4: Form fill the template using a work order

  1. Click the Export menu option and locate the green tag template.
  2. Click the green tag template to begin the form fill process.
  3. A file will be downloaded to your computer. > Selecting the ODT version will download an editable document to your computer. Selecting the PDF version will download a static PDF.

Step 5: Print the document on a Green Tag

Here is an example from Amazon: Green Shipping Tag

Step 6: Affix the tag to the equipment.

green tag pic

Special thanks to our Quantum MX power users over at ACS Avionics for sharing their template with the Quantum MX community.

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