Massive time savings can be achieved when using Quantum MX together with Quickbooks Online. Your technicians will learn to describe their work in Quantum MX in a manner that is easily translated to logbook entries and customer invoice line items. When Quantum MX is used with Quickbooks Online, you can create purchase orders and invoices directly in your Quickbooks Online space.

Step 1: Enable Quickbooks Online Features

Check the server settings area to enable the Quickbooks Online features.

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Click Server Settings.
  3. Set the Quickbooks Master Switch to the ON position.

Quickbooks master switch

Step 2: Connect to Quickbooks Online

After enabling the Quickbooks Online Master Switch, the Quickbooks Online menu item will be accessible on the left side menu.

left side menu with quickbooks access

Click the Quickbooks Online menu item to connect Quantum MX with Quickbooks.

In order for Quantum MX to exchange data with Quickbooks Online, Quantum MX must be connected to Quickbooks. When you connect to Quickbooks, you will enter your Quickbooks username and password into a secure Quickbooks Online popup window, which will prompt you to authorize Quantum MX access.

Your Quickbooks Online username and password are not stored in Quantum MX.

After you have completed the Quickbooks authorization step, Quantum MX and Quickbooks will remain connected for all members of your team until you manually disconnect.

qbo team disconnect


Quickbooks features are accessible only for Team Managers.

  • Team Managers may access the Quickbooks Import and Export features.
  • Team Managers may access the Quicbkooks Work Order / Invoice feature.
  • Quickbooks Online features are not accessible to non managers or non team members.

Team Isolation

Quickbooks connections and accounting settings are stored at the team level. After a team manager initiates the Quickbooks connection, all team managers will be able to access the Quickbooks features until Quickbooks is disconnected.

qmx to quickbooks archtiecture


connect Quantum MX to Quickbooks Online

Follow these steps to connect Quantum MX to your Quickbooks Online service.
1. Click Settings, Quickbooks Online on the Quantum MX main menu. You will be prompted to select a team to use for your Quickbooks Online session.
2. Select the team you would like to use for the Quickbooks session.
3. Click the Connect to Quickbooks button.
4. Follow the Quickbooks popup window screens to enter your Quickbooks login information and Authorize Quantum MX to connect to your Quickbooks Online account.

  1. After you have authorized, Quantum MX will allow more Quickbooks features.

    qbo authorized

Connection Duration

Quantum MX will remain connected to Quickbooks until you manually disconnect. To disconnect click the power symbol next to the connection message.

qbo disconnect link

Switching Teams

Multiple Quantum MX teams may be connected Quickbooks Online. The Quantum MX Quickbooks Online configuration space is active for only one team at a time. You may switch teams to perform Export, Import or Configuration functions for a different team. To switch teams, click the team name and select another team from the list.

select a different qbo team

Quickbooks Online Reliability

Occasionally Quickbooks Online experiences network and server issues. If you are experiencing Execution Expired or Authentication Error errors, check the Intuit Developer Group web site for status.

Improving Performance

When QMX attempts to create invoices and sales receipts in Quickbooks Online, it must scan the Quickbooks Online products and services listing. Quickbooks servers are extremely slow at this operation. To improve the performance of your invoice generation, perform a scan of Quickbooks. This step will allow Quantum MX to fetch information about products and services, classes, and tax codes from its own database. If a scan is not performed, Quantum MX will attempt to fetch the information from Quickbooks, resulting in very slow invoice creation. This scan only needs to be performed once, unless items are manually changed in Quickbooks.

To perform the scan:

  1. Browse to the Quickbooks / Settings area.
  2. Click Scan Quickbooks

perfoming a qbo scan

See Multiple Teams and Quickbooks Connections to learn more about the Scan Quickbooks operation.

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