Connecting Chronos to Quickbooks

  1. From the Accounting menu, click Quickbooks Online and click the Connect to Quickbooks button.

  2. Quickbooks Online will prompt you to sign in to your Quickbooks Online account, and verify your permission to connect Chronos.

    quickbooks authorization

NOTE: Chronos will remain authenticated to your Quickbooks Online account for maximum of 180 days.

After you have authorized Chronos and Quickbooks Online, Chronos will show the following screen.


Automatic Connection Renewal

Quickbooks requires that server to server connections be renewed after 5 months. Chronos will keep track of the time that it is connected to Quickbooks and automatically renew the connection.

Using Quickbooks Payments

You must leave Chronos connected to Quickbooks in order for your clients to process their online payments using the Quickbooks Payments gateway.

Scanning Quickbooks

Chronos can provide pick-lists of certain Quickbooks items. To facilitate this, allow Chronos to scan your Quickbooks area for existing product/service names and account names. No financial data will be accessed during the scan. You may need to repeat the scan occasionally if items are edited or added to Quickbooks.

scan quickbooks

Disconnecting from Quickbooks Online

Click the power button icon to disconnect Chronos from Quickbooks Online.

Changing Quickbooks Online Connections or Companies

When Chronos is used with Quickbooks Online, many Chronos items will directly relate to Quickbooks Items. Chronos stores the Quickbooks reference ID for the following items:

Chronos Item Quickbooks Item
Client Customer
Booakble Product/Service Item
Invoice Invoice
Sales Receipt Sales Receipt
Payment Payment
Vendor Vendor
Account Account
Stored Payment Method Card
If you connect Chronos to a different Quickbooks Company, the internal reference IDs stored within Chronos will become invalid. Perform the Scan Quickbooks operation after switching Quickbooks connections.

Company Change Process

From the Quickbooks Online menu:

  1. Run the Scan Quickbooks operation.
  2. Verify Chronos Client to Quickbooks Customer mappings
  3. Verify / update Chronos Bookable to Quickbooks Product/Service item mappings
  4. Delete all stored payment methods, browse to Menu -> Administration -> Stored Payment Methods and delete the stored payment method entries.

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