Because Chronos sends many notifications to clients regarding reservation and aircraft status, client emails must be confirmed.

Signing Up

When a client signs up, they will receive an automatic email providing a link to confirm their email address. The confirmation link is valid for three days.

Changing Email Addresses

Clients or administrators may edit the client's profile and change the stored email address for the client. After the email address is changed, Chronos will automatically send a confirmation email to the new email address.

Administrators and managers will see the email confirmationstatus on the client's profile page.
email confirmation status

  1. Click Resend Confirmation Email to re-send the confirmation email to the client's new email address.
  2. Click Cancel to cancel the email change request.

Confirmation Token Expired

The confirmation step expires three days after the confirmation email was sent. Clients may request a new confirmation email by clicking Didn't receive confirmation instructions on the sign in page.

didnt receive confirmation instructions

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