QuantumMX will automatically compute component (airframe, engine propeller, etc.) since new and overhaul times for you. Read this guide to take advantage of this time saving feature.

Configuring Logbooks

The Since New and Since Overhaul datums may be configured specifcially for each logbook type. This allows total time and time since overhaul information to be displayed for logbook entries, and work orders.

  1. Browse to an Aircraft or Component.
  2. Click the Configure Logbooks link.

    configure logbooks link

  3. Use the Add a Datum Configuration option to select the appropriate logbook type.

  4. Complete the popup form to create the datum.
    engine datum form

Engine Datum Example

The Basis Value field allows Quantum MX to automatically compute and store the offset from indicated time to since new or since overhaul. These values are commonly found on a prior logbook entry.

Example: Engine logbook entry performed at Tach: 2502.8, ETT: 2502.8, TSMO: 488.8. Enter 2502.8 as the Basis Value, 2502.8 as the Since New value, and 488.8 as the Since Overhaul Value. Quantum MX will compute and store the appropriate offset to convert indicated to total time.

engine datum example

The Since Overhaul field may be left blank for items such as airframes that do not have overhaul requirements, or for engines or propellers that have not yet received an overhaul.

View the Aircraft Data

Any datum that has been configured for the aircraft will show on the aircraft summary page. These values will follow the current tach reading, so make sure you update the tach reading when you induct the aircraft for maintenance.
Aircraft Summary Top

Affected Logbook Entries

Open logbook entries will be affected by changes to the total time / since overhaul conversions for a timer. Audit the affected logbook entries before adjusting the converion.
audit datum logbook entries

Logbook entries that are signed or related to closed work orders will not be affected.

Troubleshooting Undefined Acronyms

Quantum MX uses a lookup table to convert "since new" and "since overhaul" to the appropriate acronym. The acronym lookup table may be configured for each logbook type under Settings / Logbook Types.

In the event that an acronym is not defined, you may see SINCE NEW UNDEFINED when configuring aircraft and engine TSN/TSO times. Click the SINCE NEW UNDEFINED link to configure the acronym.

tsn undefined
tsn defined

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