After work is completed, a work order may be closed by clicking the complete check box near the top of the work order page.

close work order

Any team member may mark a work order as completed. Only team managers and administrators may re-open work orders.

Auditing a Work Order

Use the work order level auditing features to help identify labor, accounting, profitability or certification issues prior to closing a work order.

  1. Click the Audit link on the work order screen to audit the work order for incomplete items.
  2. Click Audit / Profitability Metrics to review the parts and labor pricing and estimate vs. actual completion status.

Learn more about Auditing Work Orders

Restrictions on Closed Work Orders

Closed work orders may not be editied. The features to add disrepancies, work, parts, and timesheets will be removed. Only administrators or team managers may re-open a work order for editing.

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