The home screen aka "Dashboard" provides a convenient Clock In feature for open work orders that are displayed on the dashboard.

Clock In for Direct or Overhead work is only available for users that have a Mechanic Cert record. Create a Mechanic Cert on your user profile to enable the Timekeeping features.


  1. The Work Order must be open and contain at least one open Discrepancy
  2. The user must have a Mechanic Cert.

Clocking In Steps

  1. Locate and click the Clock In link for a specific work order on the home screen dashboard.
    dashboard clock in

  2. Select a discrepancy.
    dashboard clock in discrepancy selection

  3. Select a work entry - OR - enter the remarks to create a new work entry.
    dashboard clock in work entry selection

  4. Optional: Enter specific remarks for the timesheet entry.

    dashboard clock in timesheet remarks

  5. Click the Clock In Now button to proceed with the clock in.

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