Logbook entries in Quantum MX are typically generated using work order documentation. This article describes how to configure Quantum MX to use discrepancy categories to create categorized logbook entries. The most common use case for this feature is the separation of scheduled vs. unscheduled work performed in logbook entries.

Configure Logbook Type Categories

  1. Browse to Settings / Logbook Types.
  2. Click Edit to edit the configuration of a logbook type.
  3. Specify the categories that will be used in the logbook entries for the logbook type.

    configure logbook type categories

  4. TIP: logbook type categories should be mutually exclusive. Good: scheduled vs. unscheduled. Bad: airworthiness, scheduled.
  5. Save your changes.

When logbook entries are generated, Quantum MX will collate the description of work performed by matching the logbook type categories with the discrepancy categories. Work that is performed on discrepancies that do not match the category of the logbook type will appear in the Other category.

Categorize Discrepancies with Logbook Type Categories

  1. Use the discrepancy categorization feature to assign categories to discrepancies.
  2. Do not assign multiple categories that might overlap, for example, a discrepancy may be: scheduled or unscheduled but not both. The discrepancy may have other categories that are not included in the logbook type category list.

discrepancy logbook type categories

Generate Logbook Entries

  1. Generate logbook entries for the work order after all categories have been assigned. The entry may be edited further to refine the formatting.

generate categorized logbook entry

Uncategorized Work Performed

If Quantum MX detects work performed that does not match with a configured logbook type category, it will be documented in the Other category.

uncategorized logbook entry

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