Reservations may be canceled by the user who made the reservation, or other users with the appropriate permissions. Canceled reservations will be removed from the reservation calendar, but will remain in the database. Canceled reservations may be restored to their booked state, returning them to the calendar.

Cancelling Reservations

  1. Locate a reservation on the calendar or reservation listing.
  2. Click the Cancel or X option to cancel the reservation.
  3. Enter a reason for the cancellation and proceed to cancel the reservation.

canceling a reservation workflow

Undoing Cancellations

  1. Browse to the reservation listing by clicking Menu / Operations / Reservations.
  2. Locate the reservation to restore and click Show or the magnifying glass icon to show the reservation details.
  3. Click Undo Cancellation to undo the cancellation. The reservation will be restored to the calendar.

undoing a cancellation

Deleting Reservations

Reservations may be permanently deleted from the database by administrator users. To delete a reservation, browse to the Reservations listing and activate the Delete or trash can icon.

Deleted reservations cannot be restored once they are deleted.

Canceled Reservations Report

The Reservations listing may be filtered to review the canceled reservations.
filter canceled reservations

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