The most common browsers are fully supported on Windows, Apple, Linux, and Android devices: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge. Chrome scores the highest w/r to compliance with modern web standards.

browser scores

IE 11 is no longer supported. iPad2 (Safari < 12) is not supported.

Javascript must be enabled.
Cookies must be enabled.

HTML5 Date and Time Fields

Browser native Time and Date pickers are commonly used in FLY Online Tools products. The leading browser with this support is Chrome.

If you are using a browser that does not support these fields, enter date and time inputs in the following format: dd/mm/yyyy 00:00 AM

Enabling Firefox Date Picker Support (Firefox versions < 57)

To enable improved HTML5 date picker support in Firefox, enable these experimental features.
firefox html5 date input

Mobile Device Compatibility

FLY Online Tools products work well on any device. Docking keyboards are recommended to maximize screen space for data entry intensive work flows.
mobile with docking keyboard

Benefits of Mobile Devices
1. Internet connectivity over WiFii or broadband cellular service.
1. Touch screen facilitates ink style signatures.
1. Built-in camera makes photographing and uploading attachments easy.

1. Scan QRCodes for efficient work flows.

Apple Legacy Devices

Apple has discontinued app support on many older iPad2 and iPad mini devices. Ensure that you are running Safari 12 or later for the best compatibility.

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