Timers may be customized for each bookable resource to allow usage tracking for the resource. Common examples are:

Aircraft Example:

  1. Hobbs timer
  2. Tach timer

Flight Instructor Example:

  1. Flight Hours
  2. Ground Hours

Meeting Room Example:

  1. Duration

An unlimited number of custom timers may be configured which allow detailed tracking of aircraft data for example:

  1. Hour Meter
  2. Cycles
  3. RIN
  4. Hook Cycles
  5. Landings

Timers are configured on the Bookable / Edit view.

Adding a Timer

  1. Browse to a bookable resource details view.
  2. Locate the Timer and Pricing area.
  3. Click Configure Usage Tracking and Pricing
  4. Click the Add a Timer Link

    add a timer link

  5. Configure the timer settings and Save.
    timer settings

Timer Modes

Standard: Standard timers will prompt the user for OUT and IN times. Examples: hobbs, tach, flight time A value is required when logging usages.

Incremental: Incremental timers will prompt the user for DURATION. Examples: flight hours, ground hours, landings, RINS, cycles. A value is optional when logging usages.

Counter: Counter timers will increment one count per usage entry. The user will not be prompted to enter a value. Examples: meeting room usages, headset rentals.

Clock: Clock timers work like standard timers with an OUT and IN clock time value. Example: sailboat checkout time out and time in. A value is required when logging usages. Clock timers cannot be used as the basis of time based reminders.

Computed: Computed timers work like incremental timers with a duration that is calculated based upon a user defined mathematical basis. Learn more about Computed Timers.

Timer Reporting

timer reporting settings

  • Usage Reports will enable the timer in various usage reports.
  • Enable Client Rating will cause the timer values to drive the client recency (star) rating metric.

Required Timers

Incremental timers may be configured as required or optional. Edit a timer and enable the Required for Usage setting to make the timer value required when logging usages.

timer required setting


  • Instructor Flight / Ground hours: optional
  • Aircraft CYCLES / LANDINGS: required

When a required timer is enabled, the Log a Usage process will be blocked if the timer input does not meet the value requirement.


Pricing is controlled for each timer. Ref: Pricing

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