Quantum MX provides clock in / clock out features for attendance tracking. Attendance tracking is intended to help you keep track of the time employees are present during their normal work shift. Employees may clock in and out of attendance, while also clocking in and out of work order items or overhead.

Attendance tracking is performed independently of timesheet / work tracking.

Clocking In and Out for Attendance

Use the user control panel in the upper right corner of the screen to clock in and out for attendance.

attendance clock in and out

Viewing Attendance Records

Managers may view the attendance records for individual users. Browse to the Dashboards list, and select Attendance Report. The attendance report may be filtered by user or date range. You may also view a list of users who are currently clocked in.

attendance listing

Attendance Computation Rules and Behavior

  1. Attendance entries are rounded down to the nearest tenth of an hour (6 minutes). For example, if a user is clocked in at 9:00 AM and out at 9:11 AM, the duration for the attendance period will be 0.1 because the clock out time was one minute short.
  2. Attendance entries are handled separately from Work Order Timesheets. Users may be clocked in for attendance and an individual work order item simultaneously.
  3. If a user clocks out of attendance, they will automatically be clocked out of any work order items.
  4. Users may clock IN to a work order item, even if they are not clocked in for attendance.

User Location Tracking

Quantum MX will attempt to store the geo location of the user when the attendance clock in and out feature is used. The user must enable location access when prompted by the browser.


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