Documents may be attached to the following Quantum MX objects:

  • Work Orders
  • Discrepancies
  • Logbook Entries
  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • Parts
  • Vendors
  • Purchase / Sales Orders
  • Purchase / Sales Order Items

Attaching Documents

  1. Locate the attachments "drop area".
  2. Drag and drop the file that you wish to attach into the drop area.
  3. After the file is uploaded, you may edit the title that is stored in Quantum MX.

attachment drop

Editing Attachments

The title and access control settings may be modified for each attachment. Click the gear icon near the attachment title to edit the settings. Attachments that are access restricted will appear with a gold lock icon.

edit team attachment title

Controlling Access to Attachments

  1. Click the gear icon next to the attachment to edit the attachment settings.
  2. Select the access control levels for the attachment. Users with any of the required access policies will be able to gain access to the attachment.
  3. Click Save to save the attachment settings.

select attachment access

Attachments with no access levels selected will be available to all team members.

Viewing Attachments

  1. Locate the attachment.
  2. Click the attachment to view it.

Deleting Attachments

  1. Locate the attachment.
  2. Click the delete option beneath the attachment thumb nail image.

deleting attachments

Externally Linked Attachments

Externally linked attachments may be referenced in Quantum MX by a URL. Specify the URL instead of using the file drop area to create a linked attachment.
linked attachment ui

WARNING: externally linked attachments are not managed by Quantum MX and may create broken links. Use your company server or owned cloud storage to ensure the security and integrity of externally linked files.

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