A list of alternative part numbers may be kept in the Quantum MX database. Alternative part numbers are configured for individual parts.

Setting Up Alternative Part Numbers

  1. Browse to a Part that you wish to edit.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Using the Alternate Part Numbers box, type in the alternate part number. Quantum MX will provide a helper drop down box to help you locate exact part numbers.
  4. Repeat to add multiple alternate part numbers.
  5. Alternate part numbers may be removed by clicking on the [x] inside the green part number tag.
  6. Click Save to save the part information to the database.

add alternate part number

Locating Alternate Parts

The alternate parts for a specific part are shown on the Part detail page.
show alternate parts

If the alternate part number can be located in the Quantum MX parts database, it will be shown with a puzzle piece icon. Click the part number to browse to the associated part. If the alternate part number is not found in the Quantum MX parts database, a plus icon will be displayed. Click the part number to create a new part in the database with the associated part number.

Reciprocal Alternates

When alternate part numbers are assigned to a part, Quantum MX will automatically update the associated alternate part records, creating the reciprocal link.

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