The aircraft Parts List shows a categorized listing of the parts that have been associated for a given aircraft. The report may be exported as a PDF. The report requires that parts be assigned to the aircraft using one of the following two methods:

  1. Use the part on a work order (preferred).
  2. Tag the part manually.

Tagging Parts in a Work Order

As you assign parts to a work order, they will be automatically tagged to the aircraft. This method will allow the equipment report to display the age, tach time, date, and serial number for the part.

Tagging Parts Manually

Reference article: Parts Management to learn more about associating parts with aircraft.

Category and Event Tagging

Parts may be tagged with a category and event tag to help organize the equipment report. Read more about Parts Category and Event Tagging

Viewing the Aircraft Parts List

  1. Browse to an Aircraft.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the aircraft page to locate the Parts List section.
  3. The parts will be listed and organized by their assigned category.
  4. Use the category or event links to jump to a section of the report.
  5. Use the PDF link to export the report as a PDF.

1. Browse to an Aircraft.
2. Click the Parts List link to browse to the dedicated parts list report page for the aircraft.

aircraft parts list report

Assigning Parts

The dedicated equipment report page allows you to quickly assign parts to the aircraft, or remove parts from the aircraft. This tagging method does not change any existing work order data.

  1. Browse to the aircraft Parts List page.
  2. Type in a part number or keyword to identify a part.
  3. Click the Add Part button to assign the part to the aircraft.

Once assigned, the part will appear in the appropriate category and event section of the report.

assign part to aircraft

Limitations and Restrictions

  1. Parts that have been assigned to the aircraft in a work order cannot be removed from the aircraft's Parts List.
  2. Parts that are tagged with the aircraft, but not used in a work order will not show quantity, serial number, date or tach time information.

Hot Links

Many data elements of the Parts List are hyperlinks.
1. Click a Category or Event heading to view a filtered list of all parts that are assigned to the category.
category filtered parts

  1. Click a part title to view the part detail page.
  2. Click a Manufacturer to view all parts from the manufacturer.
  3. Click a tach time to view the associated work order where the part was installed.
  4. Click remove to remove the part from the aircraft listing.

Locating Parts Events from the Parts List

  1. Browse to an Aircraft detail page.
  2. Click Parts List.
  3. Locate a part in the parts list report and click the Search icon.

equipment report part search

Read more about parts events analytics here: Parts Events Analytics

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