Parts may be easily added to purchase orders from various locations in Quantum MX: 1) the part detail page, 2) from Parts Kits, 3) from Inventory. 4) from the Order screen, 5) from the Parts Listing, 5) From the Parts Pending Report.

Adding a Part to an Order

  1. Browse to the part detail page.
  2. Click the Add to Order button and select a vendor, or create a new order.

add to order from part

Adding a Batch of Parts

  1. Click the add batch link to add a batch of parts to the order. add batch link
  2. Enter the batch of parts and Add to Order batch add to order

Adding from Inventory

  1. Browse to the Inventory listing.
  2. Locate the part.
  3. Click the Add to Order button and select a vendor, or create a new order.

add to order from inventory

Adding from a Parts Kit

  1. Browse to the Parts Kit.
  2. Locate the part.
  3. Click the Add to Order button and select an existing order or create a new order. After this step the part will be linked to the purchase order.

add to order from parts kit

When parts are added to a purchase order from a Parts Kit, the parts kit request and the purchase order item will be linked.

Features for Linked Parts Requests

  1. The work order that references the linked part will be displayed next to the purchase order line item.

    linked work order

  2. The quantity requested by the work order will be compared to the quantity of the purchase order line item. A warning will be displayed if the quantities do not match. Click the warning icon to view more details.
    quantity mismatch warning

  3. The parts kit requests will be displayed in the Linked Parts section of the purchase order.

    linked parts shown on order screen

  4. The work order parts kit will display Linked to Order: ..." for the linked part, and include a link to the referenced purchase order.
    parts kit linked part

  5. The linked part may be "unlinked" from the purchase order using the unlink option.
    parts kit unlink option

Features for Unlinked Parts Requests

  1. The parts kit requests will be displayed in the Unlinked Parts section of the purchase order.
  2. The unlinked parts may be "linked" to an order item using the Link to Item... option. This option replaces the usual Add to Order option only when the part request is viewed from within an order.

order link to item option

Features for Unlinked Order Items

Parts that have been added to a purchase order that are not linked to a work order parts kit request may be added to a work order. This feature allows you to manually build a purchase order, and then push the parts into the appropriate work order parts kits. This feature is only available for parts that are manually added to purchase orders.

  1. Click edit for the order item.
  2. Use the Add to Work Order selector to assign the order item to an existing work order.

    order item add to work order

A new parts kit entry will be created during this process. Check the Unlinked Parts Requests area of the purchase order to determine if the order item should be linked to an existing parts kit item, rather than creating a new parts kit entry.

Adding from the Order Screen

  1. Browse to the Order in Quantum MX.
  2. Use the Add Part feature to add a part to the order.

add to order from order

Adding from the Parts Listing

The Add to Order control is also displayed on any parts listing.
add to order from parts listing

Selecting the Appropriate Order

After clicking the Add to Order feature, a pop up window will appear providing two functions: 1) Add to a New Order, 2) Select an Existing Order.

Adding to a New Order

Specify the team and vendor to create a new purchase order. Click the Add to New Order button to create the new order.
add part to new order

Selecting an Existing Order

Select an existing order from the list to add the item to the existing order.

add part to existing order

The existing orders list may contain orders that have already been placed with the vendor. Orders that have not yet been ordered will appear in a bold font. Use the pending filter to only show orders that are pending (the order has not yet been placed).

add to order pending filter

Adding from the Parts Requests Browser

  1. Browse to a Purchase Order.
  2. Click Browse Parts Requests browse parts requests link

A list of parts that need to be ordered will be displayed. The list will contain only non-inventory parts that are not already assigned to purchase orders. The requesting user and time stamp will be displayed along with the associated work order and work order work flow status.

parts requests browser

Click the Add to... button to add the item to the purchase order. The newly created order item will be linked up to fulfill the work order request automatically. The on-screen status will change to ADDED.
added parts requests

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