There are two types of policy control which govern adding endorsements to client accounts: Unrestricted Endorsements, and Admin Restricted Endorsements. Only administrators, flight instructors, or managers may add admin restricted endorsements to client accounts. Unrestricted endorsements may be added by any client to their own account only.

Adding an Endorsement

  1. Browse to the client profile page. Client profile pages may be accessed by clicking on the client name from any page that shows the client name, or by using the Clients listing, accessible from the main menu.

    client search

  2. Scroll down to the Endorsements section of the client profile page.

  3. Click Add an Endorsement

    add endorsement button

  4. Complete the New Endorsement form and click Save

  5. The endorsement is now recorded in the client's profile.

Automatic Endorsements for Tagged Clients

Endorsements may be automatically added to clients. This feature is intended to support mass usage based currency endorsements. For example, if you operate an aircraft rental line and require 90 day currency for all renter clients, you may configure Chronos to automatically add a 90 day usage based endorsement to all clients. TIP: when using this feature, make sure that the endorsement type based on usage setting is enabled to make sure that the endorsement has an effect.

Auto Endorsement Step 1: Configure the Endorsement Type

  1. Browse to your 90 day currency Endorsement Type.
  2. Edit the Endorsement Type
  3. Add the auto endorse tag

    auto endorse tag setup

After the Save button is clicked, endorsements will automatically be given to all clients that match the associated tag.

Auto Endorsement Step 2: Tag Clients

Add a tag to the client accounts, reference Client Tagging System or Tag Matrix.

Trigger Actions: The automatic endorsement will be created by two events: 1) saving the endorsement type, 2) adding the tag to a client profile.

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