Step 1: Create the Aircraft Record

  1. Browse to the Aircrafts listing by clicking Aircraft from the main menu.
  2. Click Add an Aircraft.
  3. Complete the aircraft information form.
    new aircraft form

  4. Use Select a Customer panel to assign the customer to the aircraft.

  5. Use the Owner panel to assign the registered owner. The registered owner will be selected from the QMX Customer database.

If you choose the Create a New Customer option, the new customer form will open in a new window. After creating the customer return back to the aircraft form and proceed to select the customer and registered owner. The customer list will be loaded dynamically so there is no need to refresh the browser screen and lose your edits.

Step 2: Configure the Aircraft Timers

On the New Aircraft or Edit Aircraft form, select the timers appropriate for the aircraft. If a timer type is not available in the dropdown list, you may add a custom timer type by typing it into the timer selector.


Click the Save button at the bottom of the Aircraft New/Edit form to save the aircraft record to the database. After saving, you will be redirected to the Aircraft summary view.

Step 3: Configure the Aircraft Logbooks

After saving the aircraft, you will be redirected to the Aircraft detail view. You may also reach this view for any aircraft by locating the aircraft on the home screen, or Aircraft listing. Commonly the aircraft N-number is hyperlinked anywhere it is shown in Quantum MX, providing easy navigation to the Aircraft summary view.

Administrators: Logbook types may be created or edited by clicking Settings / Logbook Types. Ref. Logbook Entry Boilerplate

  1. Browse to the aircraft details page and click Configure Logbooks

    aircraft configure logbooks menu

  2. Configure the logbook for each component that is relevant to the aircraft by entering the year, make, model, serial number, since overhaul and the since new datum time.
    new aircraft datum

The logbook configuration helps Quantum MX compute time since new and time since overhaul based on the aircraft tach time.

Step 4: Configure Aircraft Equipment and Accessories

See Equipment List
See Logbook Level Equipment

Adding an Avatar

A small avatar image may be uploaded for an aircraft. Drag/drop or touch the avatar drop area on your tablet or smart phone to upload a photo of the aircraft.

avatar upload

Editing the Aircraft

From the aircraft summary view, click the Edit link on the aircraft view to edit the aircraft configuration.

You may also assign a new customer using the on-screen customer selection panel.
edit aircraft and customer

Aircraft Team Relationships

Aircraft may be assigned to individual teams with team-specific tax exempt and labor rate settings.

Edit the aircraft to change the team assignments. Generally aircraft are given access to all teams, but you may adjust this setting as desired to restrict the visibility of the aircraft to specific teams.

aircraft team assignments

When no team is assigned, the aircraft will be visible and accessible to all teams.

Per Team Aircraft Settings

Access the per-team aircraft settings by clicking Team Settings near the upper-right area of the aircraft profile screen.
aircraft team settings

Click the team to assign the team specific settings...
team settings for aircraft

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