Squawks in Quantum MX are issues that are reported on an Aircraft or Component when the aircraft or component is not in the shop. Squawks are held in Quantum MX at the Aircraft or Component level and may be added to a work order when the unit arrives for inspection or repair.

NOTE: The term Squawk is used to denote issues that are not in a work order. The term Discrepancy is used to denote issues that are contained within a work order.

Adding a Squawk

  1. Browse to the Aircraft or Component page and located the new squawk link.

new squawk links

  1. Click the new squawk link and fill in the form.
  2. Click the Save button to save the squawk.

new squawk process

Editing a Squawk

After the squawk has been added, it may be edited or deleted.

edit squawk

Silencing a Squawk

Squawks may be silenced to remove them from the home page summary. Silenced squawks will remain on the Aircraft record for future use. Browse to a specific squawk to use the Silence this Squawk feature. When silenced, a red Activate this Squawk option will appear.

silence squawk

Silenced squawks may be re-activated by clicking the Activate this Squawk link.

Squawk Age

Quantum MX will display the age of squawks based on the date the squawk was created or last updated.

The squawks are color coded based on the age of the squawk:

  • red = squawks older than 30 days
  • orange = squawks older than 15 days
  • green = squawks newer than 15 days

Customer Portal Squawks

Customers may report squawks on their aircraft using the Customer Portal.
If the customer provides their name, email, and phone number on the squawk sumission form, that information will be shown with the squawk in Quantum MX.

TIP: click the email address that is associated with a squawk to send an email regarding the squawk.

squawk email tip

Chronos Squawks

Squawk functionality may be integrated with the Chronos Flight Scheduling system, ref: Synchronizing Squawks. Squawks from Chronos will contain the name, email and phone number of the user who submitted the squawk in Chronos.

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