Accounting settings are configured in two locations:
1. Team defaults may be configured at the team level.
2. Per-user overrides may be configured for individual users on the team.

Team Default Accounting Settings

The team default accounting settings are configured by editing the team.
1. Click Settings, Teams, and then Edit corresponding to the team that you wish to edit.

team edit link

  1. Modify the accounting settings and click Save. team accounting edit

Per-User Accounting Settings

After a user is added to a team, you may configure accounting and permission settings specifically for the individual user. This feature allows you to customize labor rates per user, or Quickbooks item and class codes.

  1. Click Settings, Teams, and then Show corresponding to the team that you wish to view.
  2. Click the Settings link corresponding to the user that you wish to customize.

    team user settings

  3. Edit the custom settings for the user, and click the Save button to save the settings.

    team user settings edit

    When Quantum MX exports invoices to Quicbkooks, the individual user settings will be used instead of the team defaults.

    Leave fields blank in the per-user settings to use the team defaults. If you do not wish to override the labor rate, or accounting item or class specifically for the user, leave the fields blank and the team defaults will be used.

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