Greenfolder provides two settings which provide a method of primary access control for clients: 1) active 2) approved
client edit access control

The Active Setting

Clients who are marked inactive (by clearing the check box) will not be able to log into the system.

Tip: make clients inactive if they are no longer an active customer and you do not want them to access your Greenfolder system.

The Approved Setting

Clients who are marked as not approved (by clearing the check box) will not be able to create reservations, log usage, create squawks, log consumable events, or view the fleet status. Clients are not approved will be able to make payments and manage their account ledger. They will receive a message box guiding them to an administrator.
inactive message box

Tip: make clients not approved if they are an active customer, but require some administrative action to approve them for normal access to your Greenfolder system.

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