Greenfolder's store is designed to help flight schools, rental operators, and FBO's sell products using an online shopping experience.

Customers may browse products in the online store, add them to their shopping cart, and place orders. Order transactions appear in the client's account ledger, creating a balance due on the client's account. The client may pay their balance due using Greenfolder's standard payment methods.

Administrators may configure products in the online store, review order history, view an inventory report, and create orders for other customer accounts.

Shipping and Handling

Greenfolder does not calculate or apply shipping and handling charges. Administrators may modify existing orders to add shipping and handling charges if customers require shipping. Commonly, products are delivered over the counter at the FBO airport location.


Administrators may adjust existing orders, and customer accounts to update balances when products are returned.

Integration with Quickbooks

The products contained within orders will be exported as invoice or sales receipt line items in the normal export to Quickbooks process. A product with a matching name or sku must be present in Quickbooks or the export will fail.

Discontinued Products

Product may be marked inactive, removing them from the online store. If a product was referenced in an order, it may not be deleted.

Enabling the Store

  1. Locate the Administration menu.
  2. Click Server Settings.
  3. Set the store_enabled setting to true.

If your Greenfolder server was online before March 1, 2017, you may need to create a new setting key for store_enabled. Reference article: Configuring Your Greenfolder Product.

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